Practice Areas

Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy

When clients want to make a lasting impact with proposed legislation, our Government Affairs practice draws from a seasoned and skilled team of professional advocates able to open doors in all branches of government. We focus on delivering measurable business results and every member of our organization is available to help you achieve your goals

Strategically communicating with elected officials, their staff and regulators at all level of government is critical to success in this highly regulated environment. MICA is the bridge between government and its business and community constituencies. We combines direct advocacy at the local, state and federal levels with targeted public affairs, media relations, community outreach and public education.

Crisis Management and Communications

During the most challenging and sensitive circumstances it is how a company or individual responds to a situation that governs the extent of damage to its reputation. MICA has managed crisis situations in a multitude of industries and created successful outcomes through masterful application of transparency, speed and honesty. We skillfully craft strategies that can evolve with political and regulatory changes, competitors, critics and changes in market conditions.
While every situation has its own set of facts and tactics, the key elements of managing a crisis are similar and we call upon our experience to move through the most challenging of situations for our clients.

Political Consulting and Campaign Management

Since 1983, MICA-PR has utilized proven campaign expertise to maximize intelligence, define the issue, frame discussions and develop strategies that win political campaigns. Our team specializes in evaluating every angle and opportunity to create the best, individualized strategy for each campaign. We know how to help clients take control of the discussions that frame a campaign so they are in charge of the issues, not just responding to them. Since 1983, the firm has managed over 2,000 campaigns ranging from write-in to slates and recalls to ballot initiatives. Successful modern campaigns demand complete and tailored management that covers minute-to-minute operations.  Our knowledge and experience in races at every level gives us the experience, relationships and expertise to develop effective and efficient campaign tactics that get to the core of every unique obstacle that may arise –tackling the challenges head-on and, most importantly, resulting in winning political campaigns.

From survey research, messaging, social media management, and advertising to field operations and sophisticated targeting, MICA’s experience in political campaigns from city council to the United States Congress gives you the advantage to win.

Public Policy Advocacy

Defining an issue of public debate on your own terms in order to shift public opinion and activate your audience can be the key to moving public policy. When properly executed, constituents become the amplifier for your message and the vehicle for affecting policy, legislation, and broader public opinion. However, because this style of advocacy promotes a point of view rather than a product or service, it requires a different approach to both creative development and media buying. At MICA we have extensive experience in this area. We tap into the triggers that motivate your audience through public opinion research and leverage these insights across a comprehensive media strategy. We create award-winning campaigns that touch your audience on issues that matter to them.

Stakeholder and Grassroots Campaigns

We strengthen support for issues that affect our clients by identifying, recruiting, educating and mobilizing local support. Through creative grassroots endeavors we mobilize both grassroots sentiment and similarly situated stakeholders for legislative action. With an extensive campaign background and a team of professionals skilled in both the political and corporate arenas, we provide a unique, effective approach to providing creative solutions for the complex challenges of our clients.

Grant Advisors

There is a sea of grant opportunities for a wide-range of groups spanning from for-profit entities to local governments, special districts and non-profit agencies. MICA has expertise in locating the best opportunities for your needs and maneuvering clients’ projects and proposals through the maze of requirements to secure a grant. After the grant is awarded, we stand ready to assist with grant compliance to make our services comprehensive.  Since 2010, MICA has assisted in securing over $45 Million in grants on behalf of our clients.

Identifying, pursuing and complying with government and private grants for your specific needs requires considerable time, effort, research and skill. MICA offers comprehensive grant solutions:

  • Strategic Grant Planning
  • Identification of Funding Opportunities (monthly service)
  • Funding Research & Recommendations
  • In-depth RFP/FOA Review & Analysis
  • Proposal Development
  • Proposal Writing / Editing / Review
  • Forms & Boilerplate
  • Grant Compliance Administration
  • Lobbying and Advocacy Services